Real Vitrified

  • Real - Another name for Trust and Innovation. We are here to help our customers to explore numerous options from a huge variety of tiles. Our corporate values, high quality of products and excellent customer service have helped us to achieve success and to mark a strong presence in the industry and homes of our customers.

    Innovation is our motivation

    Innovation is always front of mind for us and it’s at the heart of everything we do. Whether through new product development, process improvement or service  enhancement we’re always innovating to keep moving forward.

    Investment in state-of-the-art manufacturing machinery enables us to provide the increasingly popular sinusoidal prole on a short lead time and at a competitive price. Innovation provides you with roong and cladding solutions that are as ground-breaking as they are practical and as valuable as they are cost-effective. Put simply we innovate to provide products that are relevant and useful to you. Our commitment to innovation delivers high quality, cutting edge manufacture and a raft of new products that provide added value through the combination of better performance and lower costs.

    Our main areas of focus are:

    • High Reliability
    • Reasonable Cost
    • Technically Advanced
    • Learning Company
    • Responsive Services
    • Customer Satisfaction
    • Customer Satisfaction

    Never Compromise when it comes to Quality

    To produce the best and Install the best technologies
    Price Competitiveness
    Prompt service and support
    Dedicated team
    Loyal Distribution network
    Trust of millions of customers

    Nano Polished Vitrified Tiles
    Size – 600*600 mm
    Weight - 30 KG (box)
    4 Pieces per Box
    Glossiness – Above 90
    Water absorption rate: <0.05


    1.Porcelain Ceramic/Full Polished Tile
    2.Super Glossy
    3.Strong Hardness/Resistance
    4.Widely used
    5.High Flatness

    The NANO advantages

    More than 90% glossiness
    Smooth, homogeneous surf
    Stain free
    Low maintenance
    Environment-friendly nano tech coating material